Monday, 31 January 2011

Craft Stash Tidy-Up

I've had a super busy weekend as spent hours organising all my crafty stuff. When I started making cards I stored all my stash in the living room down the side of one of our sofas. This was fine in the beginning but was starting to look really untidy as all my purchases mounted up! So, after a couple of eventful trips to Ikea, i've now organised everything into my lovely brand spanking new Lack bookcase. It's much easier to access what I need so feels like a new lease of life for my mojo...




  1. Wow! how smart it all looks now - I couldn't tempt you to come & do mine - Could I? LOL

  2. Wow looks great, alot easier to find everything I would think!

  3. This looks fab and so organised - wanna come and sort mine....? Love the red boxes.

  4. Gosh your new stash boxes look fab!! So tidy too, well done xx