Saturday, 19 March 2011

Moles 60th Birthday Card

This is the third card i've made for my Mum's colleague - her surname is Moles so they have a running joke in her family where they try to find each other cards with moles on! It's actually a really difficult thing to incorporate into a card, so I decided to try a newspaper style this time. The idea came from the talented Helen over at It's All Fiddle Fart and I designed it using a tutorial from Caroline.

The mole was originally holding a heart so I photo-shopped a cupcake over the top and then decoupaged it. To finish it off I've added gems and star sequins to give it a bit of bling!


  1. Great card, love the mole image, its very cute!

  2. Fabulous Card :-)Came via here 'Its all Fiddlefart' Love your work. I couldn't find the tutorial over at Caroline's - not that I have publisher but interested of the process.
    Carole x

  3. Brilliant card, wouldn't have a clue how to create something like this

  4. How cute is the little mole. Great card. Jaqui x