Saturday, 19 March 2011

Moles 60th Birthday Card

This is the third card i've made for my Mum's colleague - her surname is Moles so they have a running joke in her family where they try to find each other cards with moles on! It's actually a really difficult thing to incorporate into a card, so I decided to try a newspaper style this time. The idea came from the talented Helen over at It's All Fiddle Fart and I designed it using a tutorial from Caroline.

The mole was originally holding a heart so I photo-shopped a cupcake over the top and then decoupaged it. To finish it off I've added gems and star sequins to give it a bit of bling!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

50th Birthday Survival Kit

My boss was 50 last month and we couldn't decide what to get him at work. I've seen these survival kits before so thought it would be the perfect funny present! It didn't cost very much together and went down really well (luckily he has a good sense of humour).

Here's what was included along with the reasons why:

  • 50 pennies – contribution to retirement fund

  • glasses - for when your eyesight goes

  • duct tape - instant face lift

  • incontinence pads – incase of any accidents

  • memory mints – for those senior moments

  • blue pills – for increased sex drive

  • red tablets – to encourage hair regrowth

  • lollipops - for when life sucks

  • starburst candy - for an extra burst of energy

  • paperclips - to hold things together

  • mls of oil - to keep your joints lubricated

  • marbles - spares for when you lose your own

  • asprin - for those extra aches and pains

  • notepad – to write things down before you forget

  • first aid kit – for when you fall down

  • baby food – to help you adjust to softer foods

  • rubber bands - to give you your flexibility back

  • batteries – for your hearing aid and pacemaker

  • matchsticks – to help keep your eyes open