Monday, 14 February 2011

Paper Rosette Tutorial

Debbie (aka paddingtondoo) asked me how I made the rosette on my last card so I thought i'd put together a quick tutorial...

To make a rosette, you'll need a strip of paper just over 2cm wide by 25cm long (keep the offcut for later). You're also going to need a scoreboard, small circle punch approximately 2cm across and PVA glue.

Score the stip at 5mm intervals all the way along. If you have a Scorepal like me then I scored every 1cm then moved the paper 5mm to the right and again scored every 1cm.

Fold the strip along your score lines alternating the direction of each fold so that you end up with a zig zag shape (when looking from the side).

Apply PVA glue to a 5mm section at one end. You can also use double-sided tape if you don't want to wait for the glue to dry.

Overlap and stick the ends together to form a paper loop. If you've used PVA glue then I recommend holding the join to make sure it's stuck properly before you proceed to the next step.

Gather the loop at the top to form a cone and then gently push down in the centre to flatten out the rosette.

Punch or cut out two circles approximately 2cm in diameter in a co-ordinating colour to your rosette. This is where the offcut from earlier comes in handy!

Flip your rosette over and glue one of the circles to the centre with PVA glue or double sided tape. At this point you need to squeeze the edges of the rosette towards the centre to keep it tight.

Turn the rosette over and glue the other punched circle into the centre and you have your finished rosette:


  1. Wow looks great, I will definately give it a go, thanks.

  2. Ohhhhh a tutorial especially for me - now I don't have to buy the Tim Holt Die - thanks ever so :c) xx

  3. ps there's something on my blog for you :c)

  4. thanks for that will have to give it a go sometime

  5. Great tutorial, looks fab, thanks!!!!

  6. Great tutorial I will have to try that sometime