Saturday, 19 February 2011

Secret Santa Swap

I know this is a bit late as Christmas was well over a month ago but we arranged a Secret Santa over on Crafty Place. Unfortunately it didn't quite go to plan and although I sent a present, I didn't receive one, so I was a bit disappointed. The lovely Melissa came to the rescue as we were in a three-way swap. She sent me all the goodies below, which was such a lovely and unexpected suprise to receive.

The best thing of all though was this absolutely stunning notebook which was included in the package. It's completely handmade by Melissa with a Bind It All and has loads of beautiful details. It really is special so I daren't use it and have currently propped it up on my craft shelves for inspiration...


  1. Lovely stash! What a shame you original swap didn't work. x

  2. Gorgeous stash Laura and such a beautiful notebook x

  3. Lovely bits there and gorgeous book xx